About Irbis

Irbis: A “Down To Earth Global Endeavor”

IRBIS is an established Russian company with a new U.S. Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. IRBIS has an innovative mission: Build world-leading powersports vehicles by sourcing the best design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly from the strongest global resources. Our mission is not unlike the global effort that put together and has sustained the International Space Station. Through the cooperative effort of the best and the brightest from around the world, we offer products that deliver remarkable performance with “down to earth pricing” built-in.

“Three Worlds Unite with new IRBIS Snowmobile”
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irbis powersports cover

“Now Landing in the U.S.A.”
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Built To Demanding Standards

The idea of IRBIS came from an ingenious motorcyclist from Vladivostok. Artem Tsarev started by importing used motorcycles from Japan, fixing them up and selling them across Russia. That enterprise flourished and in 2002 IRBIS was born. From the beginning, design simplicity, dependability and critical performance were in the IRBIS engineering DNA. Remember, we’re talking vehicles built for Siberia! Spin the globe and we are right smack dab in Canada and northern U.S.A. When it comes to tough machines, “We got this!”

IRBIS CEO (right), Artem Tsarev, is a hands-on manager, designer and powersports enthusiast.

Irbis Means Snow Leopard

IRBIS is the Russian name for Snow Leopard–quite appropriate for a company that engineers machines for ultra harsh climates. The Snow Leopard has thick insulating hair and wide fur covered feet that work like natural snowshoes. Great design and great performance! They can jump as far as 50 feet.